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How to exfoliate

how to exfoliate

The Braun Silk-epil SkinSpa combines an epilator with an exfoliation brush, so you get the perfect combination for smooth skin.

SkinSpa's exfoliation brush removes dead skin cells at over 3,000 micro-vibrations a minute, making it 4x more effective than a manual scrub alone.

Step 1 : Choose a body wash or scrub with your favourite scent.

Step 2 : Hop into the shower or relax in the bath.

Step 3 : Give yourself a few minutes to unwind and allow your pores to open.


Step 4 : Exfoliate using the powered Silk-épil SkinSpa refining brush, working your way from ankles to chest.

Step 5 : Afterwards, apply an enriching moisturiser for a silky smooth finish.


How to avoid ingrown hairs.

An ingrown hair is a hair that curls back on itself and grows back towards the follicle, creating a small, possibly painful little bump. Ingrown hairs are often a result of too-close shaving. To avoid ingrown hairs, try exfoliating regularly - this helps remove dead skin cells and "clears the path" so that your hairs can grow the way they're supposed to. However, we recommend to exfoliate once a week, and ideally about 2 days before epilation.

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